The company

Industry Chic is 35 years in business, a highly qualified team of experienced machinists, state of the art machining processes and equipment, varied achievements, a customized service.

Industries Chic moved to the Parc industriel du Haut Saguenay in 2017  to increase its production capacity and be able to answer to the market demands.

"The surface area has been doubled thus permitting a considerable raise in our production capacity."

Our team is motivated by a strong sense of belonging to the company , backed by the respect and passion of the machinist trade. Every member is aware of the importance concerning the security measures put in place. No detail is neglected to ensure a safe environment.

We believe our clients have a right to a flawless execution as well as high precision work for the reparation and fabrication of their parts. Our machinists are as meticulous to detail as  jewellers. Therefore they are able to deliver incomparably high quality products.


To offer our clients the best machining services that exists.


Our team competence and our strive for solutions to the different problems met by our  industrial clients.

Large family business fonded in 1975 by Mr. Rosaire Bonneau now directed by the second generation, the group Rosbon operates in different industrial and commercial sectors.

To enhance the overall service offering, we have regrouped four interrelated companies : Industries Dodec,  Industries Chic,  Industries Hydraumarc and Engrenage Kustom. Each of these companies has its specialty and together they meet all the needs of their customers by offering an efficient all inclusive service.