dodecOur services

Parts Fabrication :

  • Machining

  • Industrial Mechanic

  • Mechanical welding

  • Mass production

Our experienced machinists have the ability to rebuild, with precision, used  or damaged parts in conformity with the original parts. For the  specific needs of companies, large or small, agricultural producers and construction companies, our machinists succeed in fabricating different types of custom-made parts . We can also fabricate parts on demand following the plans and specifications supplied by our clients.


We can repair all types of heavy equipment used by the civil engineering field as well as manufacture parts, in factory, that need a precise and complete refection. Our machining procedures ; reaming, milling and turning, permit us all kinds of different  reparations of your machinery.

  • Pendulum; Balancer

  • Arms

  • Articulations

  • Cups; Bucket

  • Pins

  • Crusher machetes

  • Hammers

  • Blades

  • Cylinders

  • And much more. Don't hesitate to contact us for any particular demands concerning the reparation of heavy machinery parts.

precision machining

Since the beginning we specialize in precision machining. We possess a wide range of  machining equipment as : boring machines, milling machines, turning machines, mortisers, etc…. Our experienced machinists are trained and highly experienced.

Welding - steel

We are used to performing welding work on all kinds of varied projects and our team can adapt  in order to always offer high quality products to our clients. We also have bending presses  which permit us to perform the fabrication of complex welding assembly.

Counselling  Services

With the machining experience comes the know-how and proper solutions to accurately identify the needs of our customers concerning industrial fabrication and repair.  It is always with pleasure that our team shares their expertise to help in different problematic situations linked to parts repair or conception.

Extended  service life of your equipment

An appropriate repair of your equipment parts will considerably reduce your periods of production stops. Cutting edge technologies, customized services as well as precision machining offered by Chic industries will assure a long service life and good cost efficiency to your machinery.

Do you have problems with wear?  We are here to offer you solutions in collaboration with Industries Dodec Inc, which has the only  Hardox  certification in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.  HARDOX STEEL resists to aggressive environments thanks to its unique properties. The best steel in the world. It's resistance is superior to other steels on the market. It also provides a higher payload and a longer life span. Therefore reducing the time lost in production stops

We work with TOOLOX steel, engineered steel, useful when you need steel that is very   « hard »,  a steel that can also resist to high temperatures.  In collaboration with Dodec Industries, we can offer you TOOLOX engineered steel,  therefore permitting us to reduce the production delays, a considerable advantage for our clients. Industries Dodec is the sole  dealer of Toolox engineered steel in Quebec.